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The Feminine Boss magazine is an inspirational, sexy, relevant and personal branding magazine that celebrates the essence of a Feminine Boss and shares the secrets on how to become her.

Feminine Boss Magazine

Spring Issue 2023

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Feminine Boss Magazine
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Featuring "The B Elements" that teach you how to become the
"Boss of Your Be and Business" with feminine energy.

Become the Boss of Your...

1: 'Be She' Brand

A segment dedicated to showcasing our Feminine Boss including a cover feature, a four-page personal spread sharing the story and insights of the featured Feminine Boss, a full-page ad of her company and a signature personal piece called "One Thing I Know" where our Feminine Boss cover model shares one piece of Feminine Boss advice. 

2. Business: 

A segment dedicated to learning the Feminine Boss "Be-Do-and Have" success formula to make your business grow. 

3. Bank Account: 

A segment dedicated to making money our friend.

4. Be: 

A segment dedicated to discovering your inner terrain and navigating you to self-authenticity.

5: Body:

A segment dedicated to honoring, healing and helping your most precious possession - your body. 

6. Beauty: 

A segment dedicated to beauty products, beauty trends and "how to" secrets for all things beauty.

7. Brain:

A segment dedicated to insightful learnings.

8. Bliss:

A segment dedicated to food, travel and other things delicious. 

9. Bubble: 

A segment dedicated to the art of manifesting.

11. Bespoke: 

A segment dedicated to the art of fashion at any age.

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